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-The Story-

It was a cool night in December of 1879.  He sat in the laboratory, surrounded by notebook scribbles of his latest concept.  The elements were all there – he’d been planning it for months now.  The cheese, chattering teeth, marble… the gears were all aligned, handle locked in place and everything set just so.  It was going to work.  “It has to,” he thought to himself, making the finishing touches.  After all, the candles were nearly burnt to the tip, the wax collecting in puddles on the table, and time was running out and fast.

He thought back to the moment when he had the revelation.  Sitting there that morning enjoying his routine cup o’ joe, buttery toast, watching “Hammy” run on the wheel.  It was then that it all clicked; an imaginary light bulb glowed above his head.

So many before him had tried, so tirelessly attempted, but he was determined.  Aside from the glory, so much was riding on it.  Plus, he’d already commissioned a costly plaque reading, “He did it… the genius did it!”  Fingers tightly crossed, a deep inhale, and he set it off.  From start to finish, it was perfect.  There was light, glorious LIGHT.  The first incandescent bulb worked!

And so, with a little ingenuity, a few years of know-how and a bunch of super-terrific creative brilliance, the bulb which was once a figment of his imagination had come to life!


1879 media was created to establish innovative concepts and bright ideas in web & graphic design.  We believe in hard work, good design, and rewarding success with a cookie.  Each project is unique and we begin our approach with that in mind.  We’ll go there — make it happen — bring to life your imagination’s fancy.


We’ve tucked away a select group of skilled designers and engineers with one common desire; to awe you and the world.  Coupling impressive design with enjoyable user experiences, we’re all about great impressions.

1879 media will stop at nothing to make each project a success.  No request is too outlandish and even if you think it is, don’t be afraid to ask.  With a constantly evolving repertoire of skill, we maintain a working knowledge of the latest technology and techniques to make sure your site will leave some jaws dropped.